Bangkok Vegetarian Festival

Vegetarian Festival 2013

People around Thailand started celebrating the Je Festival (vegetarian festival) which runs from 5th October till 13th October 2013. Bangkok Vegetarian FestivalThai citizens of Chinese origin considers Je festival as an important once. At China town, Bangkok the vegetarian festival was kicked off with a Lion Dance. The vegetable prices have already gone up.

Thailand expects large number of tourists during the festival period. According Bangkok newspaper Nation, the island of Phuket is expected to generate a revenue of ?600 Million during 2013 vegetarian festival. Phuket is expecting tourists from Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

About Vegetarian Festival

Thai vegetarian festival is called Je festival also spelled as Jay Festival. The word Je came from Chinese which means eight precepts observance. During the vegetarian festival, the person who practice must not eat and any meat or animal products. He or She should also abstain from consuming alcohol and avoid sex during this period. The person should keep their body and mind clean. The Je festival is a perfect way to detox your body and rejuvenate your mind and body. Everyone should practice vegetarianism at least once or twice in a year for your own health.

On the occasion of Vegetarian festival, Bangkok Baby wishes you all good health and prosperity.

Internet Marketing Seminar Chiangmai

It has been a long time since I updated this blog. I was totally busy with so many things and updating my personal blog has to be sacrificed. Anyway I just thought I will let you guys and girls know about the Internet Marketing Seminar which is being held at Chinagmai, Thailand.
In the past we didn’t have many IM (internet marketing) seminar held here in Thailand with English speakers. Of course we had Thai webmaster conducting webmaster seminar where we discussed about marketing online and making money on internet. But this is probably the major seminar being held during recent times. We had similar seminars and workshops held in Singapore quiet often, but not here in Thailand. You can see more details about the Chiangmai IM Seminar here..

Thailand Internet Business Seminar.
Some details about this IM Seminar in Thailand.
The Seminar is designed for both novice and experts. So even if you are new to the internet business this seminar will help you become successful. The speakers include Jon Shugart (Keyword Rockstar fame), George Brown (19 years old self made millionaire), Jay Deiboldt (Google Slapper), Kenneth Yu (Twitter expert), Gideon Shalwick (blogging expert), Desmond Ong, Jani G (traffic expert) and Greg Jacobs the man behind the seminar.
During this seminar you will learn How to identify an online market and build a winning product. Next you will learn how to build a website, drive visitors to your site and make money out of it. You will also learn how to write compelling sales letter which converts. But the real benefit of this seminar in my opinion is the opportunity to meet these experts, network with them and other fellow webmasters. That is going to be the biggest asset in the long run.
I suggest you to take a look at their website for more details.

Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Thailand

On the way to Pattaya you will find one of the popular destination for Thai families, the Kaho Kheow open zoo. Unlike the normal zoo, the animals at this open zoo are not kept inside cages. Instead, the authorities of Khao Kheow zoo created small kingdoms for each animal. So you can actually go into the gang of deers and start feeding them, or feed a banana to Giraffe with your own hands. Of course dagerous animals like tiger and lion are kept in a bit isolated area with strong walls and electric fence. But even these area are built in such a way that the visitors can see the animal clearly without any obstruction.

One of the major attractions of Khao Kheow open zoo is it’s night safari where you can comfortably site in zoo vehicle and travel around the zoo in the darkness of the night to watch animals and birds which come out only in night. At present the zoo accomodates around 8000 animals from 300 species.

The Khao Kheow Open Zoo was opened to the general public during the year 1980. In 1992, the area of the zoo was expanded to 2,000 acres within the Khao Kheow-Khao Chom Puo wildlife Sanctuary as apart of it.

Address of the Khao Kheow Zoo:
235 Moo 7 Bangpra Sriracha, Chonburi Province, Thailand.
Telephone: 0-3829-8195, 08-9544-6994
You can also email them at:

Bangkok Map

I know many of you are taking the help of maps to find places of interests. I thought I will add a map of Bangkok to my site which will help the readers of this site. Google maps is a good solution for interactive maps. You have the ability to zoon in and zoom out, pan (move) etc. So I thought I will add a bangkok map using google maps facility. Here it is. (Unfortunately, at present google Thailand map is available only in Thai language)

Google Bangkok Map
You can use the slider on the left side of the map to zoon in and out. Click on the + sign to zoon in. Also you can click on the arrow buttons to move the map. Click on the Map button on right upper corner to get a regalar map of Bangkok.

Bangkok Hotels Search

A while ago I had posted a nice tool to search and compare hotels from major cities. But it was not specifically designed for searching bangkok hotels. Some of you have asked for a search box which can be used exclusively to find hotels in Bangkok and here it is.

It is a simple tool but gets you a huge list of available Bangkok hotels. Select the dates from the drop down menu. Choose the star ratings if you are particularly interested 5 star hotels or 3 star hotels etc. You have the facility to choose the currency to see the hotel rates. Click on the search button. A new window will open with the list of all Bangkok hotels in it. If you would like the list of hotels to sorted according to star rating, location or customer rating, you can do so by choosing the appropriate option from the sort drop down menu.

Loi Krathong Festival, Thailand

Loi Krathong or Roi Krathong is perhaps the most colorful festival in Thailand. A krthong is raft, traditionally made out of Banana leaves. Thai people float away Krathong in river on the Loi Krathong day to float away their ill fortunes. This festival is also to apologize to the river goddess Ganga. The people of Thailand apologize to the river goddess for polluting the water and promise to do better during the coming years.
Loi Krathong is celebrated during the full moon day of 12th Lunar month. This is normally during mid November. This year, 2007 the Loi Krathong falls on 24th November. It is Saturday and I expect a big crowd near the banks of Choprya River with devotees gathering around to float the Krathongs. Here is a colorful video which explains everything about the Loi Krahtong fetival in Thailand.

It is believed that the Loy Krathong fetival is originated from the Indian festival Deepavali which is also celebrated almost at the same period.

Bangkok to Maldives Trip

Spending holidays in Maldives has been always a dream for me. I wanted to go to this beautiful island nation for a very long time now. So finally when I made my trip to Maldives I was literally delighted. For an average Asian visiting Maldives could be expensive and I am no exception. Since I got a good package deal from club med which includes flight tickets I could afford it.
Bangkok to Male Flight:
Bangkok airways operate direct flights between Bangkok and Maldives. As far as I know this is the only direct flight to Male from Bangkok. They have only weekly two flights, one on Monday and the other on Thursday. So, if you are planning to visit Maldives from Thailand make sure that you book your flight tickets well in advance.
Maldives Weather
The Republic of Maldives is located in Indian ocean at the south west of Sri Lanka. The monthly weather in Maldives can affect your trip. Rain can play a spoil sport. So make sure that it is not raining when you are in the island nation. Normally the southwest monsoon will hit Maldives during June to August. During this period it usually rains in the island.


Maldives Beaches
The beaches of Maldives are simply spectacular. They have sandy beaches with crystal clear sea water which is ideal for snorkeling and diving. As you know Thailand is also a good place for underwater adventures. Hope you have seen the Koh Samui photos and Krabi photos which I posted earlier. What I felt is, the corals are more beautiful in Thailand, but the sea water was more clear in Maldives and the place is less crowded and more natural.
I enjoyed every moment I spent in Maldives and hope to go there again. I have taken many photos and I will post some pictures from Maldives in the next update. 🙂

Phuket Air Crash

At least 90 people are killed when thebudget airline flight with 130 people aboard crashed on landing at Phuket airport in heavy rains and strong winds yesterday. Flight OG 269, operated by airline One-Two-Go, had flown to Phuket from the Thai capital, Bangkok. As many as 42 people are injured out of which many are in serious condition.
I haven’t updated this site for a very long time now. But yesterday’s air crash shook me badly. After the tsunami which hit a couple of years ago in Phuket, disaster struck this region again. This air crash is Thailand’s deadliest aviation accident since December 1998, when 101 people were killed after a Thai Airways crashed in similar fashion near the southern region. I wish the survivors the very best to get well soon. Our prayers are with you.

Thailand Plane Crash
Picture from BBC UK

5 Star Buffet in bangkok

When you are in Bangkok you might want want to enjoy a wide variety of food. One of the best option for you to enjoy different taste is to choose a nice buffet in Bangkok. There are many restaurants in Bangkok which offers oriental buffet as well as continental buffet for both lunch and dinner. My friend Chris compiled a list of best 5 star buffet in Bangkok. I suggest you to visit Chirs’s post Buffet info at Bangkok to see the complete list of top quality buffets in Bangkok.

SEO Bangkok. Second webmaster meet at Bangkok

Hope you guys and gals remember about my post with pictures of Bangkok SEO meeting we had last year. The webmasters in Bangkok are planning for a second seo meet in Bangkok soon. I guess it will be more like a internet marketers’ gathering than an seo bangkok meeting. The gathering is going to be held on July 8 . You can see the latest updates on this thread at digital point.
I have many questions about search engine optimization. One of my sites which is two years old and which got a PR7 link pointing towards it actually dropped its ranking for last three months. Yesterday, all of a sudden it is on the number 1 spot for its desired keyword. What is going on? Second thing, I think google’s nofollow attribute did not stop spammers and the comment spam is altime high now. Many webmasters believe that rel=”nofollow” tag actually did not help at all. Infact many honest webmasters lost a chance to get a decent link for their efforts to contribute some real good discussions.
Hope this seo meet in Bangkok will be informative and good one. Looking forward for to it.