Sawadee Kha,
My name is Ann and this is my blog about Bangkok. Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand, the land of smiles. Every year thousands of tourists around the world land at Bangkok to visit Thailand. Almost everyone who came to Bangkok fall in love with this great city. I often hear the tourists saying, Thai people are so friendly and Bangkok is nice place to live in.
But I know Bangkok is also notorious for many things. It is sad for a Bangkok girl like me who is born and brought up in this city. I wanted people around the globe to know the best things about Bangkok and Thailand. That is how I came up with the idea of starting my own Bangkok blog. Thanks to my expat friend Neo who helped me a lot to start this site on Bangkok. I asked Neo (Bangkok Boy) also to post on my blog. I feel being an expat he can look at things from a foreign tourist’s point of view.
Please feel free to post your comments. Also please tell your friends and link to BangkokBaby.com from your site na kha.

With love,
Bangkok Baby (Ann)

PS: I will also try to put information onBangkok Hotels and Bangkok Flights on my travel blog.

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