Bangkok Bomb Blast

During this new year eve, I was at Hong Kong with my friend. Hong Kong time is one hour ahead of Thailand. After the countdown at Hong Kong, I called my friend at Bangkok to wish her happy new year and what I received was a bad news. She said, there was a series of bomb blasts on 31st at various parts of Bangkok and police alerted the public to avoid all gatherings and parties to avoid further problems to public. She sounded very sad. Next day, I came to know that 3 people died in Bangkok bomb blast and around 38 people injured. I felt really sad. Couple of months ago, we had a military coup in Bangkok and not even a single gun shot occurred and it was completely non-violent. I think, no other country in the recent history had such a peaceful military coup. I was proud of the peace loving people of my country.
But this bomb blast is really bad. This hurt all of us who love our country and people. I reached back Thailand on 1st January 2007 evening. On my way back to home from Bangkok airport, the taxi driver told me that, one “farang lady” lost her legs at Bangkok world trade center during the Bangkok bomb blast. I felt terribly sorry for her. The foreign lady might have come to Bangkok to celebrate her new year with her loved ones and look what happened to her. So far, nobody has a clue on who is behind these bomb blasts. Who ever it is, my plea is, please do not do this to Thailand. We, Thai people are peace loving people who only know to love others. We don’t want to spread hatred here. Lets make love, not war!

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