Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day. Bangkok Baby loves to wish all of you a very happy Valentine’s day. May your love life be wonderful with full of joy and happiness. Most you must be knowing the story behind Valentine’s Day. For those doesn’t know, let me briefly put it here.
The day February 14th is named after a Christian priest named Valentine. Valentine LoveDuring the third century the Roman Emperor Claudius II decided that the young men in his army shouldn’t get married. He believed that married men don’t make good soldiers. Because of the fear most people accepted the emperor’s order. But the christian priest Father Valentine believed in love and marriage and he secretly performed marriages between young couples. When Emperor Claudius II came to know about this he became furious and put Father Valentine in jail. From there he was sentenced to death. Lovers around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day in rememberance of the martyr priest who believed in love.

Valentine’s Day Celebration in Thailand
In Thailand lovers around the country exchanged gifts and flowers. The girls were mainly shopping for dolls and roses while the boys shopped for dresses and electronic gadgets. This year 665 couples got married on Valentine’s Day at Bang Rak district. Around 12 couples got married under sea water in Trang. But the highlight of the day was the marriage between Khun.Mak Charoensuk,and Khun.Ui. The Bride Ui was 86 and the groom Mak Charoensuk was 88, when they walked together to register their marriage among the other 34 couples at Nakhon Ratchasima in Thailand on Valentine’s Day. What a way to celebrate the Valentine’s Day!