Krabi Photos

Krabi is famous for its natural sandy beaches and stunningly beatiful islands. I have taken many photographs from Krabi, Thailand. But many of them are my personal photos from Krabi including my friends. Here are some of the Krabi photos which shows the natural beauty of Krabi. I used Sony cyber shot T9 camera for taking these photos from Krabi. By the way, please keep in mind that I am not a pro when it comes to photography. 🙂

Krabi Photos, Thailand

Boat on Krabi Beach
A boat on a beautiful Krabi Island.

Koh Kai Chicken Island
Koh Kai- The Chicken Island at Krabi

Clear Water Krabi Beach
Clear Sea on an Island at Krabi

Krabi Snorkelling Diving
Experience the natural beauty of Krabi. Swim with fishes, enjoy diving and snorkelling on the beach.

Krabi Island Photos
Beautiful white sand beaches on Krabi Island

Krabi Island Beach
Relax on the islands of Krabi. Another Krabi photo.

Huge Limestone mountains in the sea
Huge lime stone rocks in the middle of the sea at Krabi.
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