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Bangkok Vegetarian Festival

Vegetarian Festival 2013

People around Thailand started celebrating the Je Festival (vegetarian festival) which runs from 5th October till 13th October 2013. Bangkok Vegetarian FestivalThai citizens of Chinese origin considers Je festival as an important once. At China town, Bangkok the vegetarian festival was kicked off with a Lion Dance. The vegetable prices have already gone up.

Thailand expects large number of tourists during the festival period. According Bangkok newspaper Nation, the island of Phuket is expected to generate a revenue of ?600 Million during 2013 vegetarian festival. Phuket is expecting tourists from Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

About Vegetarian Festival

Thai vegetarian festival is called Je festival also spelled as Jay Festival. The word Je came from Chinese which means eight precepts observance. During the vegetarian festival, the person who practice must not eat and any meat or animal products. He or She should also abstain from consuming alcohol and avoid sex during this period. The person should keep their body and mind clean. The Je festival is a perfect way to detox your body and rejuvenate your mind and body. Everyone should practice vegetarianism at least once or twice in a year for your own health.

On the occasion of Vegetarian festival, Bangkok Baby wishes you all good health and prosperity.

Bangkok Map

I know many of you are taking the help of maps to find places of interests. I thought I will add a map of Bangkok to my site which will help the readers of this site. Google maps is a good solution for interactive maps. You have the ability to zoon in and zoom out, pan (move) etc. So I thought I will add a bangkok map using google maps facility. Here it is. (Unfortunately, at present google Thailand map is available only in Thai language)

Google Bangkok Map
You can use the slider on the left side of the map to zoon in and out. Click on the + sign to zoon in. Also you can click on the arrow buttons to move the map. Click on the Map button on right upper corner to get a regalar map of Bangkok.

Loi Krathong Festival, Thailand

Loi Krathong or Roi Krathong is perhaps the most colorful festival in Thailand. A krthong is raft, traditionally made out of Banana leaves. Thai people float away Krathong in river on the Loi Krathong day to float away their ill fortunes. This festival is also to apologize to the river goddess Ganga. The people of Thailand apologize to the river goddess for polluting the water and promise to do better during the coming years.
Loi Krathong is celebrated during the full moon day of 12th Lunar month. This is normally during mid November. This year, 2007 the Loi Krathong falls on 24th November. It is Saturday and I expect a big crowd near the banks of Choprya River with devotees gathering around to float the Krathongs. Here is a colorful video which explains everything about the Loi Krahtong fetival in Thailand.

It is believed that the Loy Krathong fetival is originated from the Indian festival Deepavali which is also celebrated almost at the same period.

Search Engine Optimization Thailand Meet

A while ago I wrote a post called Seo Bangkok which was about the search engine optimization I have been trying to do here in Thailand. At the time of writing that post the page rank of Bangkokbaby was PR1. But later after Google completed its update Bangkokbaby got PR4. Bangkok Boy (Sunny) wanted to learn more about search engine optimization and was actively browsing through webmaster boards like Digital Point and came across a post from SEO Bangkok about having a meeting at Bangkok on search engine optimization. So here is what Sunny says about the seo meeting.
To make the story short, we had our first meeting on search engine optimization here in Thailand at Star Bucks, Thanon Lang Suan at Bangkok. To my pleasant surprise there were about 15 people and many of them were Thai webmasters. Everyone looked pretty happy. This meeting was more of getting to know each other than a technical one. But I could see the Thai webmasters from giving some valuable tips to his fellow webmasters. I met William from who explained the merits of affiliate marketing over google adsense. I could also here, some of my western webmaster friends sharing their experiences about search engine optimization and google adsense.

Photos from Bangkok Seo Meet
Search Engine Optimization Thailand

Seo Meet

Search Engine Optimization

Big thanks to the seoBangkok team for organizing the meeting. I hope we will have more such meetings on search engine optimization in Thailand in the near future.
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Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day. Bangkok Baby loves to wish all of you a very happy Valentine’s day. May your love life be wonderful with full of joy and happiness. Most you must be knowing the story behind Valentine’s Day. For those doesn’t know, let me briefly put it here.
The day February 14th is named after a Christian priest named Valentine. Valentine LoveDuring the third century the Roman Emperor Claudius II decided that the young men in his army shouldn’t get married. He believed that married men don’t make good soldiers. Because of the fear most people accepted the emperor’s order. But the christian priest Father Valentine believed in love and marriage and he secretly performed marriages between young couples. When Emperor Claudius II came to know about this he became furious and put Father Valentine in jail. From there he was sentenced to death. Lovers around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day in rememberance of the martyr priest who believed in love.

Valentine’s Day Celebration in Thailand
In Thailand lovers around the country exchanged gifts and flowers. The girls were mainly shopping for dolls and roses while the boys shopped for dresses and electronic gadgets. This year 665 couples got married on Valentine’s Day at Bang Rak district. Around 12 couples got married under sea water in Trang. But the highlight of the day was the marriage between Khun.Mak Charoensuk,and Khun.Ui. The Bride Ui was 86 and the groom Mak Charoensuk was 88, when they walked together to register their marriage among the other 34 couples at Nakhon Ratchasima in Thailand on Valentine’s Day. What a way to celebrate the Valentine’s Day!

Eric Clapton in Bangkok

Yesterday, it was music time in Bangkok. Famous western musician Eric Clampton and his band performed in Bangkok yesterday. The packed crowd at Impact Muang-thong thani was thrilled to hear Eric Clapton. The Thai people who lost their chance to celebrate New Year eve due to Bangkok bomb blast enjoyed every bit Eric Clapton’s music. The event was part of Eric Clapton’s Asian tour.

Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton in Bangkok Music Concert

SEO Bangkok

The word SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. I am not an SEO expert. But I am not a newbie on the subject learning a lot about seo from forums like Digital Point. I know there are seo experts in Bangkok and if I search on google I can even see a site called seo Not sure how good they are doing with their seo work in Bangkok. Anyway I wish them all the best. But this is not the main reason I decided write about seo Bangkok. It is the latest google PR update.
For those who doesn’t know, PR is Page Rank, a value between 0 to 10 assigned by google for each webpage to determine the importance of a webpage. A higher value in PR means a higher quality page. The PR value can be found on the google tool bar. Though a higher PR value itself is not much of importance, webmasters around the world rely on PR value for their link building efforts. I must admit that, I have also given much importance to PR value in my seo efforts for Bangkok Baby. Every three months or so, google updates the PR value shown in the google tool bar. This year webmasters who are crazy about seo and PR noticed a changes in tool bar PR value from the second week of January 2007. But so far, there was no change in PR for Bangkokbaby. When I am writing this post this site still stays at PR1 though the site got many quality back links. Sad to see my seo efforts haven’t found any results. But I hope I will eventually win. 🙂

Bangkok Bomb Blast

During this new year eve, I was at Hong Kong with my friend. Hong Kong time is one hour ahead of Thailand. After the countdown at Hong Kong, I called my friend at Bangkok to wish her happy new year and what I received was a bad news. She said, there was a series of bomb blasts on 31st at various parts of Bangkok and police alerted the public to avoid all gatherings and parties to avoid further problems to public. She sounded very sad. Next day, I came to know that 3 people died in Bangkok bomb blast and around 38 people injured. I felt really sad. Couple of months ago, we had a military coup in Bangkok and not even a single gun shot occurred and it was completely non-violent. I think, no other country in the recent history had such a peaceful military coup. I was proud of the peace loving people of my country.
But this bomb blast is really bad. This hurt all of us who love our country and people. I reached back Thailand on 1st January 2007 evening. On my way back to home from Bangkok airport, the taxi driver told me that, one “farang lady” lost her legs at Bangkok world trade center during the Bangkok bomb blast. I felt terribly sorry for her. The foreign lady might have come to Bangkok to celebrate her new year with her loved ones and look what happened to her. So far, nobody has a clue on who is behind these bomb blasts. Who ever it is, my plea is, please do not do this to Thailand. We, Thai people are peace loving people who only know to love others. We don’t want to spread hatred here. Lets make love, not war!

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New Bangkok Airport Flight Schedules

A while back, I had posted the link to live Bangkok airport arrivals schedules from the Airport thai website. But it looks like, the original link is no longer getting updated regularly. So, today I just updated the post with new flight schedule checker with which you can check both departure and arrivals. All you have to do is just type in the names of the departure airport and arrival airport. if you are not sure about the spellings, don’t worry. The flight status checking system got an auto complete drop down menu which will give you the options. Just type in the name. It’s pretty easy.
Here is the updated Bangkok airport flight schedules. Click Here.
Have a safe trip to Thailand.

Merry Christmas

Bangkok ChristmasToday is Christmas. Santa is already in Bangkok and is gonna visit Thailand. Bangkok Baby and friends wish you all a Merry Christmas. Good luck to all of you. Have a nice time with your family and friends.