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New Year Party Photos

Every year, most of the companies in Thailand organize a new year cum annual party for their staff members. Normally these new year parties are held not on the new year eve since most of the employees might want to spend their holidays with family and friends. So the firms in Thailand usually choose another day during the month of December or January for the company’s new year party. This starts from early December and late till late January. This year also firms in Thailand started celebrating new year. One of my friends who is working in WD Thailand sent me the photos of the new year party held last week and I thought I will share those photos with you people

Party Girls Photos

New Year Party Photos
Cute Girls Gang.

Mmm… She is ready to Party

New Year Party Photos
She is a Big party girl!

Cute Party Girl
I thought this girl is cute.

New Year Party Photos
Is she cute? I am not sure.

Motor Show Girls Photos
Are they preparing for the Thai motor show?

New Year Party Started
The party started already. But let’s take a snap.

Naughty Party Photos
Naughty photographer is zooming at wrong (right?) place.

New Year Party
Big smiles from land of smiles.

Sexy Party Photos
Thai girls are no longer shy to expose!!

Hot Party Girl
She is a hot and sexy party girl.

Lucky Party Boys
Lucky guys! Are you enjoying the party or the girl?

New Year Party Photos
Big tattoo girl. Thai girls’ new tattoo craze.

New Year Party Photos
Another group of fresh Thai girls in party.

New Year Party Photos
She is pretty. What do you guys and girls think about these new year party photos and the girls? Aren’t they beautiful? I thought some of the girls are cute.

Human Imagery Museum, Thailand

The Thai Human Imagery Museum is located in the outskirts of Bangkok, on the way to Nakhon Pathom. On our way to cha-am beach we decided to stop at the Human Imagery Museum. It took us only about an hour drive to reach the museum. The museum presents lively human sculptures created by a group of Thai artists headed by Archarn Duankaew. It took almost 10 years of hard work to build the human sculptures which are currently displayed in museum. The Thailand Human Imagery Museum presents stunning human sculptures including various characters and the general Thai life style and culture. Among the many figures includes respectable Buddhist Monks, former Kings of the Chakri Dynasty of Thailand, and the exerts from Thai Life and culture. To make it more attractive the Thai artists also made figures of famous international personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of Indian nation, Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of United States of America and Sir Winston Churchill, the greatest British prime minister.

There is something special about this Human Imagery Museum at Thailand. Unlike other human imagery museums, the sculptures at this Thai museum is not entirely wax. There is a reason for it. When Archarn Duankaew started his work by creating a wax mold pattern of Madam To-So, he found it very difficult to maintain due to the high temperature, moisture and dust conditions in Thailand. But Archarn Duankaew did not give up and started their research on an alternate material. Their research found its fruit when they came up with the idea of introducing fiber glass into the creation of wax-models. The Thai artists went further by taking pains to find out rare accessories used by the individuals and characters during their life.
The figures at Thailand Human Imagery Museum is amazingly close to real life characters and many a times even a closer look at the sculptures will not be enough for you to identify them as statues. Look at some of the photographs from the museum and you can find each individual hair was inserted into its own aperture on the head and body of the sculptures.
Human Imagery Museum at Thailand is opened for tourists and general public from 9:00am to 5:30pm during weekdays and on saturday and sunday the museum opens at 8:30 am and closes at 6:00pm. You can contact the museum authorities in the following address.
Human Imagery Museum Thailand
43/2 Moo 1,Pinklao-Nakhonchaisri Road, Km.31,
Nakhonchaisri, Nakhon Pathom -73120 Thailand
Telephone: 034-332061, 034-332607 or 034-332109

Military Coup Bangkok Thailand

Sources from Bangkok reports that the Thai army took control of Bangkok and the military is attempting to seize power in Bangkok. Thai military announced that it would set up a commission to reform the constitution despite Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra declaring a state of emergency from New York.  According to CNN, Thailand’s opposition Party of Democratic Reform seized control of a Thai television station in Bangkok on Tuesday, 19th September, 2006 and announced it is behind the coup attempt and has the loyalty of Thailand’s armed forces.
More news and video clips from Bangkok can be seen here at Reuters and hopefully on some of the other wordpress2 blogs.

Long Live King

Our beloved King, His Majesty recently had undergone a surgery and is fast recovering. Even at the hospital His Majesty cares about his beloved people. His Majesty the King has expressed concern over the plight of his people in flood-prone areas of Prachuap Khiri Khan and Phetchaburi provinces. The Royal Household Bureau has passed on the King’s concern and asked for daily updates on the flood situation in the two central provinces.
Many a times foreign tourists who come to Bangkok wonder by seeing the love and repect Thai people show to our beloved King. Because His Majesty loves people of Thailand and we love him.
I recently read this news in bangkok post.
One woman stands out among the thousands of visitors in yellow shirts who every day visit Siriraj Hospital to show support for His Majesty the King after his spine operation last Thursday. Pornrawee Duangmanee arrived at Siriraj from Prachuap Khiri Khan’s Pran Buri district the day the King underwent surgery. She will not go home until the King is discharged because she is determined that he has at least one companion there at all times.
Long live King. We love our King.

Bangkok Airport Arrivals

Bangkok airport is currently situated at Don-muang which is around half an hour drive from the heart of Bangkok city. Flights details of Bangkok airport arrivals and departures are available with most travel agents and ticketing offices. You can also see the real time Bangkok flight schedule details including arrivals and departure at both Bangkok international airport and domestic aiport at the official web site of Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT) Check the Bangkok airport arrivals and departure timings here

Update: I think the above link is no longer giving you the latest arrival schedules at new Bangkok airport. I have found another way to provide you up to date information on new Bangkok airport arrivals.

Once you arrive at the Bangkok airport the friendly airport staff will greet you with pleasing smiles. Thailand is known as the land of smiles. You will be absolutely comfortable at the airport. One you get your baggage and come out to the Bangkok airport arrival area take a left to find services like airport Taxi and hotel bookings. You can trust these official services though they tend to be bit more expensive than the regular Bangkok taxi cabs outside the Bangkok airport.

BTS Skytrain

Most of you who had visited Bangkok city know that BTS Sky Train is one of the easiest way to get around in Bangkok. BTS stands for Bangkok mass Transport System. In peek hours Bangkok city roads always have heavy traffic jam. If you choose to reach your destination by a taxi car, then you most probably will get frustrated by the long ‘Q’ of vehicles in Bangkok roads. Use sky trains to travel to places close to the BTS stations. BTS sky trains in Bangkok have the capacity to carry over 1,000 passengers and is faster and safer than a taxi car. The sky trains run daily between 6:00 am and 12:00 midnight with frequent service throughout the day. See some pictures of BTS sky train captured using my Sony digital camera.

Bangkok Skytrain
Sky Train- A view from Siam Paragon

Bangkok Skytrain
Inside of Bangkok BTS Skytrains

Bangkok to Germany Worldcup

Bangkok is now in soccer mood. Like the many cities around the world, Germany worldcup fever has hit the city of Bangkok also. People at Bangkok are glued to their television sets watching their favorite team in action.
One of my friends got lucky and won a free ticket to watch the Germany worldcup. She went to Germany and came back with a surprise news. She found Bangkok Restaurant in Germany. I know that, thai food is famous and there are many Thai restaurants in many countries. But a Bangkok restaurant in Germany was something different. Here is a picture of the restaurant.

Bangkok Restaurant in Germany

My friend said, she enjoyed the thai food at here and the food was “aroi maak maak” For a “kon Thai” nothing tastes so special like thai food. She took some pics of the food she ordered.

Bangkok Restaurant Food
Delicious Thai food in Bangkok restaurant at Germany

Bangkok Fireworks

Recently people at Bangkok city witnessed a spectacular show of fireworks. Bangkok was celebrating 60th anniversary of King’s accession to throne. People in Bangkok and all over Thailand love their beloved King. The dark sky in Bangkok city turned into a garden of flower(fire)works. Thanks to the Japanese fireworks artists for this excellent show.

Bangkok Fireworks

More about this Bangkok Celebration is here.

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