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Bangkok Vegetarian Festival

Vegetarian Festival 2013

People around Thailand started celebrating the Je Festival (vegetarian festival) which runs from 5th October till 13th October 2013. Bangkok Vegetarian FestivalThai citizens of Chinese origin considers Je festival as an important once. At China town, Bangkok the vegetarian festival was kicked off with a Lion Dance. The vegetable prices have already gone up.

Thailand expects large number of tourists during the festival period. According Bangkok newspaper Nation, the island of Phuket is expected to generate a revenue of ?600 Million during 2013 vegetarian festival. Phuket is expecting tourists from Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

About Vegetarian Festival

Thai vegetarian festival is called Je festival also spelled as Jay Festival. The word Je came from Chinese which means eight precepts observance. During the vegetarian festival, the person who practice must not eat and any meat or animal products. He or She should also abstain from consuming alcohol and avoid sex during this period. The person should keep their body and mind clean. The Je festival is a perfect way to detox your body and rejuvenate your mind and body. Everyone should practice vegetarianism at least once or twice in a year for your own health.

On the occasion of Vegetarian festival, Bangkok Baby wishes you all good health and prosperity.