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A guide on Bangkok hotels

Bangkok Hotels Search

A while ago I had posted a nice tool to search and compare hotels from major cities. But it was not specifically designed for searching bangkok hotels. Some of you have asked for a search box which can be used exclusively to find hotels in Bangkok and here it is.

It is a simple tool but gets you a huge list of available Bangkok hotels. Select the dates from the drop down menu. Choose the star ratings if you are particularly interested 5 star hotels or 3 star hotels etc. You have the facility to choose the currency to see the hotel rates. Click on the search button. A new window will open with the list of all Bangkok hotels in it. If you would like the list of hotels to sorted according to star rating, location or customer rating, you can do so by choosing the appropriate option from the sort drop down menu.

Compare and Find the Best Hotels

Have you ever noticed that, there are hundreds of sites offering hotel booking online and every one of those sites are claiming to give you the best hotel deals? Some of those sites are reliable and have good reputation among travellers. But I often find it difficult to compare the hotel deals from each of these sites to find the best one. I mean, you have to open a new explorer window (or a tab for firefox users) for each hotel booking site. Then go through all the listed hotels in each site and then open everyone of those hotels and compare. It takes hours to search the hotels and find the best hotel deal. If you have ever faced a similar situation, you know the pain, especially if you are looking for last minute hotel booking. I got a solution for this problem. Use the nifty search tool below from Hotels Combined to search and find the best hotels for you in a minute.

Search & Compare Hotels

You can also type in the name of the city where you want search the hotels.

If you know the hotel name you can search by the Hotel name to find the cheapest rates for that hotel offered by the online booking sites. You also have the option of searching hotels by country. Hope this helps.

Cha Am

Cha Am is beach tourist spot located on the south of Bangkok. We drove to Cham-am from the outskirts of Bangkok through the ring road. It took us around 2 hours and half to reach at Cha-am. That is excluding the time we spent on the Human imagery museum at Nakhon Pathom which is on the way to Cha-am.
Cha-am BeachNow Cha-Am and Hua Hin is one of the most popular new destinations for local Thais who love beaches in Thailand . You can also travel to Cam-am by train, or catch the 45 min flight to Hua Hin which is just 20 minutes drive away from Cha-Am. Hua Hin is a bigger town than Cha-am but it is more crowded. If you like me who loves quiet beach during holidays for relaxing, then you will deinitely love Cha-am. The beauty of the sun rising above the horizon at dawn at Cha-am, is a magnificent sight and if you are one of those early risers do not miss it. I am often lazy to wake up early during my holidays. Lol!
While the major attraction of Cha-am is the chance to relax on a lovely non-crowded beach, you still can choose to enjoy variety of water sports athat are offered by tour operators and big Cham-am resort hotels.
We stayed at the Golden Beach Cha-Am hotel whis is a 20 storied inexpensive hotel with quality service. You can choose the right hotel from this list of Cha-am hotels and resorts which includes inexpensive hotes to luxury star hotels & resorts. We took a light nap for an hour or so before we decided to go the beach. We took shower, changed ourselves to more comfortable dresses and started walking towards the beach. The beach is right across the road infront of the hotel we stayed. Cha-am beach is quite long and you can get very wide angle view of the lovely beach. After spending some time at the beach we decided to have our dinner little early. Bangkok Baby knew the right place for dinner. She knows that I am a big lover of sea food.Sea Food at Cha-amShe took me to the Saphan Pla which is actually a fisher men village where you can get the freshest fishes and other sea food on Cha-am. To keep them fresh, all the fishes, lobsters, crabs and praws are kept live in big tanks. You can show them the fish or lobster which you want to eat and they will cook the food in few minutes. We choose to have some lobsters, fried prawns and “Tom Yam Thale” which is a mixed sea food soup. The food at cha-am was not really cheap, but was really tasty. We spend around 750 Bhat for the Dinner which is roughly US$20.
We walked back to the hotel through the beach. That day was unusally hot and not windy. Hence we decided to get back to the hotel fast. The next day when I woke up, it was a clear sky. I decided to take the picture of the sun rise in Cha-am beach. But I was late to get my lazy as moving. LOL! But I managed to take few nice snaps before a hot sunny day at cha-am.Sun rise in Cha-am That day we spent most of the time at Cha-am beach, enjoying the natural beauty and water spot. Evening we had to hurry up and drive back to Bangkok, since the next day we both had to go for work. I would love spend another long vaccasion on cha-am beach before this place start getting crowded.

For more information on Cha-am and it’s history read the article below from Thailand Torism web site.