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Phuket Air Crash

At least 90 people are killed when thebudget airline flight with 130 people aboard crashed on landing at Phuket airport in heavy rains and strong winds yesterday. Flight OG 269, operated by airline One-Two-Go, had flown to Phuket from the Thai capital, Bangkok. As many as 42 people are injured out of which many are in serious condition.
I haven’t updated this site for a very long time now. But yesterday’s air crash shook me badly. After the tsunami which hit a couple of years ago in Phuket, disaster struck this region again. This air crash is Thailand’s deadliest aviation accident since December 1998, when 101 people were killed after a Thai Airways crashed in similar fashion near the southern region. I wish the survivors the very best to get well soon. Our prayers are with you.

Thailand Plane Crash
Picture from BBC UK

Bangkok Airport Arrivals

Bangkok airport is currently situated at Don-muang which is around half an hour drive from the heart of Bangkok city. Flights details of Bangkok airport arrivals and departures are available with most travel agents and ticketing offices. You can also see the real time Bangkok flight schedule details including arrivals and departure at both Bangkok international airport and domestic aiport at the official web site of Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT) Check the Bangkok airport arrivals and departure timings here

Update: I think the above link is no longer giving you the latest arrival schedules at new Bangkok airport. I have found another way to provide you up to date information on new Bangkok airport arrivals.

Once you arrive at the Bangkok airport the friendly airport staff will greet you with pleasing smiles. Thailand is known as the land of smiles. You will be absolutely comfortable at the airport. One you get your baggage and come out to the Bangkok airport arrival area take a left to find services like airport Taxi and hotel bookings. You can trust these official services though they tend to be bit more expensive than the regular Bangkok taxi cabs outside the Bangkok airport.