SEO Bangkok. Second webmaster meet at Bangkok

Hope you guys and gals remember about my post with pictures of Bangkok SEO meeting we had last year. The webmasters in Bangkok are planning for a second seo meet in Bangkok soon. I guess it will be more like a internet marketers’ gathering than an seo bangkok meeting. The gathering is going to be held on July 8 . You can see the latest updates on this thread at digital point.
I have many questions about search engine optimization. One of my sites which is two years old and which got a PR7 link pointing towards it actually dropped its ranking for last three months. Yesterday, all of a sudden it is on the number 1 spot for its desired keyword. What is going on? Second thing, I think google’s nofollow attribute did not stop spammers and the comment spam is altime high now. Many webmasters believe that rel=”nofollow” tag actually did not help at all. Infact many honest webmasters lost a chance to get a decent link for their efforts to contribute some real good discussions.
Hope this seo meet in Bangkok will be informative and good one. Looking forward for to it.