Krabi Photos

Krabi is famous for its natural sandy beaches and stunningly beatiful islands. I have taken many photographs from Krabi, Thailand. But many of them are my personal photos from Krabi including my friends. Here are some of the Krabi photos which shows the natural beauty of Krabi. I used Sony cyber shot T9 camera for taking these photos from Krabi. By the way, please keep in mind that I am not a pro when it comes to photography. 🙂

Krabi Photos, Thailand

Boat on Krabi Beach
A boat on a beautiful Krabi Island.

Koh Kai Chicken Island
Koh Kai- The Chicken Island at Krabi

Clear Water Krabi Beach
Clear Sea on an Island at Krabi

Krabi Snorkelling Diving
Experience the natural beauty of Krabi. Swim with fishes, enjoy diving and snorkelling on the beach.

Krabi Island Photos
Beautiful white sand beaches on Krabi Island

Krabi Island Beach
Relax on the islands of Krabi. Another Krabi photo.

Huge Limestone mountains in the sea
Huge lime stone rocks in the middle of the sea at Krabi.
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KRABI, Thailand

Krabi is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand. Located in he southern Thailand, Krabi is approximately 800 kilometers away from Bangkok. Krabi is famous for its natural beauty including white sandy beaches, fascinating coral reefs, numerous large and small islands with beautiful beaches suitable for snorkelling and scuba diving. Krabi also posses rain forests with caves and waterfalls. Unlike its big neighbor Phuket which is crowded, Krabi offers a quiet and comfortable atmosphere which is perfect for relaxation. You won’t find many massage parlours or discos in Krabi. If you are more into night life and fun, phuket or Bangkok is the right place for you. Krabi is for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and for those love to relax on white sandy beaches away from crowd. But this doesnt mean that Krabi is short of modern facilities. You can get excellent hotels in Krabi with swimming pools, bath tubs and they serve you clean and delicious American and Thai food. Or if you prefer to stay in resorts, Krabi got them too. Some of the private island resorts in Krabi are highly expensive that even an upper class Thai like me can’t afford them. Here is a list of affordbale Krabi Hotels for you choose.

Krabi Beach
Here is a photo I took from Krabi when I visited Krabi during December 2006. I will post more photos of Krabi suring the coming days.

Eric Clapton in Bangkok

Yesterday, it was music time in Bangkok. Famous western musician Eric Clampton and his band performed in Bangkok yesterday. The packed crowd at Impact Muang-thong thani was thrilled to hear Eric Clapton. The Thai people who lost their chance to celebrate New Year eve due to Bangkok bomb blast enjoyed every bit Eric Clapton’s music. The event was part of Eric Clapton’s Asian tour.

Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton in Bangkok Music Concert

SEO Bangkok

The word SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. I am not an SEO expert. But I am not a newbie on the subject learning a lot about seo from forums like Digital Point. I know there are seo experts in Bangkok and if I search on google I can even see a site called seo Not sure how good they are doing with their seo work in Bangkok. Anyway I wish them all the best. But this is not the main reason I decided write about seo Bangkok. It is the latest google PR update.
For those who doesn’t know, PR is Page Rank, a value between 0 to 10 assigned by google for each webpage to determine the importance of a webpage. A higher value in PR means a higher quality page. The PR value can be found on the google tool bar. Though a higher PR value itself is not much of importance, webmasters around the world rely on PR value for their link building efforts. I must admit that, I have also given much importance to PR value in my seo efforts for Bangkok Baby. Every three months or so, google updates the PR value shown in the google tool bar. This year webmasters who are crazy about seo and PR noticed a changes in tool bar PR value from the second week of January 2007. But so far, there was no change in PR for Bangkokbaby. When I am writing this post this site still stays at PR1 though the site got many quality back links. Sad to see my seo efforts haven’t found any results. But I hope I will eventually win. 🙂

Bangkok Bomb Blast

During this new year eve, I was at Hong Kong with my friend. Hong Kong time is one hour ahead of Thailand. After the countdown at Hong Kong, I called my friend at Bangkok to wish her happy new year and what I received was a bad news. She said, there was a series of bomb blasts on 31st at various parts of Bangkok and police alerted the public to avoid all gatherings and parties to avoid further problems to public. She sounded very sad. Next day, I came to know that 3 people died in Bangkok bomb blast and around 38 people injured. I felt really sad. Couple of months ago, we had a military coup in Bangkok and not even a single gun shot occurred and it was completely non-violent. I think, no other country in the recent history had such a peaceful military coup. I was proud of the peace loving people of my country.
But this bomb blast is really bad. This hurt all of us who love our country and people. I reached back Thailand on 1st January 2007 evening. On my way back to home from Bangkok airport, the taxi driver told me that, one “farang lady” lost her legs at Bangkok world trade center during the Bangkok bomb blast. I felt terribly sorry for her. The foreign lady might have come to Bangkok to celebrate her new year with her loved ones and look what happened to her. So far, nobody has a clue on who is behind these bomb blasts. Who ever it is, my plea is, please do not do this to Thailand. We, Thai people are peace loving people who only know to love others. We don’t want to spread hatred here. Lets make love, not war!

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New Bangkok Airport Flight Schedules

A while back, I had posted the link to live Bangkok airport arrivals schedules from the Airport thai website. But it looks like, the original link is no longer getting updated regularly. So, today I just updated the post with new flight schedule checker with which you can check both departure and arrivals. All you have to do is just type in the names of the departure airport and arrival airport. if you are not sure about the spellings, don’t worry. The flight status checking system got an auto complete drop down menu which will give you the options. Just type in the name. It’s pretty easy.
Here is the updated Bangkok airport flight schedules. Click Here.
Have a safe trip to Thailand.

Merry Christmas

Bangkok ChristmasToday is Christmas. Santa is already in Bangkok and is gonna visit Thailand. Bangkok Baby and friends wish you all a Merry Christmas. Good luck to all of you. Have a nice time with your family and friends.

New Year Party Photos

Every year, most of the companies in Thailand organize a new year cum annual party for their staff members. Normally these new year parties are held not on the new year eve since most of the employees might want to spend their holidays with family and friends. So the firms in Thailand usually choose another day during the month of December or January for the company’s new year party. This starts from early December and late till late January. This year also firms in Thailand started celebrating new year. One of my friends who is working in WD Thailand sent me the photos of the new year party held last week and I thought I will share those photos with you people

Party Girls Photos

New Year Party Photos
Cute Girls Gang.

Mmm… She is ready to Party

New Year Party Photos
She is a Big party girl!

Cute Party Girl
I thought this girl is cute.

New Year Party Photos
Is she cute? I am not sure.

Motor Show Girls Photos
Are they preparing for the Thai motor show?

New Year Party Started
The party started already. But let’s take a snap.

Naughty Party Photos
Naughty photographer is zooming at wrong (right?) place.

New Year Party
Big smiles from land of smiles.

Sexy Party Photos
Thai girls are no longer shy to expose!!

Hot Party Girl
She is a hot and sexy party girl.

Lucky Party Boys
Lucky guys! Are you enjoying the party or the girl?

New Year Party Photos
Big tattoo girl. Thai girls’ new tattoo craze.

New Year Party Photos
Another group of fresh Thai girls in party.

New Year Party Photos
She is pretty. What do you guys and girls think about these new year party photos and the girls? Aren’t they beautiful? I thought some of the girls are cute.

Human Imagery Museum, Thailand

The Thai Human Imagery Museum is located in the outskirts of Bangkok, on the way to Nakhon Pathom. On our way to cha-am beach we decided to stop at the Human Imagery Museum. It took us only about an hour drive to reach the museum. The museum presents lively human sculptures created by a group of Thai artists headed by Archarn Duankaew. It took almost 10 years of hard work to build the human sculptures which are currently displayed in museum. The Thailand Human Imagery Museum presents stunning human sculptures including various characters and the general Thai life style and culture. Among the many figures includes respectable Buddhist Monks, former Kings of the Chakri Dynasty of Thailand, and the exerts from Thai Life and culture. To make it more attractive the Thai artists also made figures of famous international personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of Indian nation, Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of United States of America and Sir Winston Churchill, the greatest British prime minister.

There is something special about this Human Imagery Museum at Thailand. Unlike other human imagery museums, the sculptures at this Thai museum is not entirely wax. There is a reason for it. When Archarn Duankaew started his work by creating a wax mold pattern of Madam To-So, he found it very difficult to maintain due to the high temperature, moisture and dust conditions in Thailand. But Archarn Duankaew did not give up and started their research on an alternate material. Their research found its fruit when they came up with the idea of introducing fiber glass into the creation of wax-models. The Thai artists went further by taking pains to find out rare accessories used by the individuals and characters during their life.
The figures at Thailand Human Imagery Museum is amazingly close to real life characters and many a times even a closer look at the sculptures will not be enough for you to identify them as statues. Look at some of the photographs from the museum and you can find each individual hair was inserted into its own aperture on the head and body of the sculptures.
Human Imagery Museum at Thailand is opened for tourists and general public from 9:00am to 5:30pm during weekdays and on saturday and sunday the museum opens at 8:30 am and closes at 6:00pm. You can contact the museum authorities in the following address.
Human Imagery Museum Thailand
43/2 Moo 1,Pinklao-Nakhonchaisri Road, Km.31,
Nakhonchaisri, Nakhon Pathom -73120 Thailand
Telephone: 034-332061, 034-332607 or 034-332109

Cha Am

Cha Am is beach tourist spot located on the south of Bangkok. We drove to Cham-am from the outskirts of Bangkok through the ring road. It took us around 2 hours and half to reach at Cha-am. That is excluding the time we spent on the Human imagery museum at Nakhon Pathom which is on the way to Cha-am.
Cha-am BeachNow Cha-Am and Hua Hin is one of the most popular new destinations for local Thais who love beaches in Thailand . You can also travel to Cam-am by train, or catch the 45 min flight to Hua Hin which is just 20 minutes drive away from Cha-Am. Hua Hin is a bigger town than Cha-am but it is more crowded. If you like me who loves quiet beach during holidays for relaxing, then you will deinitely love Cha-am. The beauty of the sun rising above the horizon at dawn at Cha-am, is a magnificent sight and if you are one of those early risers do not miss it. I am often lazy to wake up early during my holidays. Lol!
While the major attraction of Cha-am is the chance to relax on a lovely non-crowded beach, you still can choose to enjoy variety of water sports athat are offered by tour operators and big Cham-am resort hotels.
We stayed at the Golden Beach Cha-Am hotel whis is a 20 storied inexpensive hotel with quality service. You can choose the right hotel from this list of Cha-am hotels and resorts which includes inexpensive hotes to luxury star hotels & resorts. We took a light nap for an hour or so before we decided to go the beach. We took shower, changed ourselves to more comfortable dresses and started walking towards the beach. The beach is right across the road infront of the hotel we stayed. Cha-am beach is quite long and you can get very wide angle view of the lovely beach. After spending some time at the beach we decided to have our dinner little early. Bangkok Baby knew the right place for dinner. She knows that I am a big lover of sea food.Sea Food at Cha-amShe took me to the Saphan Pla which is actually a fisher men village where you can get the freshest fishes and other sea food on Cha-am. To keep them fresh, all the fishes, lobsters, crabs and praws are kept live in big tanks. You can show them the fish or lobster which you want to eat and they will cook the food in few minutes. We choose to have some lobsters, fried prawns and “Tom Yam Thale” which is a mixed sea food soup. The food at cha-am was not really cheap, but was really tasty. We spend around 750 Bhat for the Dinner which is roughly US$20.
We walked back to the hotel through the beach. That day was unusally hot and not windy. Hence we decided to get back to the hotel fast. The next day when I woke up, it was a clear sky. I decided to take the picture of the sun rise in Cha-am beach. But I was late to get my lazy as moving. LOL! But I managed to take few nice snaps before a hot sunny day at cha-am.Sun rise in Cha-am That day we spent most of the time at Cha-am beach, enjoying the natural beauty and water spot. Evening we had to hurry up and drive back to Bangkok, since the next day we both had to go for work. I would love spend another long vaccasion on cha-am beach before this place start getting crowded.

For more information on Cha-am and it’s history read the article below from Thailand Torism web site.